Originally from Minnesota, Matt Hotch has been building custom motorcycles since he was sixteen years old.  This self-taught metal master has been known to build innovative and radical designs.  With a philosophy like “perfection is possible,” Hotch has proven and earned respect as one of the premier custom bike builders, making this back to back Biker Build-Off Champion one of the motorcycle industries most sought-after Master Builders.  His limitless imagination, artistic genius and flawless finish work guarantee his stay on the cutting edge of the custom bike building industry.

Matt Hotch started on two wheels by the time he turned ten and soon after he began building go-karts and mini-bikes in the garage of his parent’s house in Yorba Linda, California.  By his teenage years Hotch would go through multiple Volkswagens; buying and parting them out.  Not having a lot of money, Hotch would work on what he could get his hands on; junk and old scrap.  He would have to learn how to make it work and eventually his “junk” would beat the fastest hot rods in town.  With his drive and imagination Hotch soon became famous as being one of the most influential builders.

By the time Hotch turned thirty he had been winning the show circuit for years.  In 2004, Hotch won his first Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off Championship with his genius design, Chingon which showcased his amazing ideas in a package that was exciting and ground-breaking.  Hotch became the first and only Grand Champion after winning the 2005 Biker Build-Off for the second time in a row with the extreme retro design he dubbed VLux.  Hotch’s family of customers appreciate that his motorcycles are true works of art.  They are willing to spend large amounts of money and put themselves on an extensive waiting list to have the opportunity to own one of his legendary designs. 

In the fall of 2006, Hotch will be participating and defending his title again in Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off.  He is also sponsored by Monster Energy Drink and endorses various products such as DG Performance Hard Chrome exhaust pipes as well as a line of motorcycle mounted clocks and watches through a company called Formotion.

On Christmas Eve of 2005, Matt Hotch became a father.  He currently resides in Fullerton, California with his wife Shayna and son Ryder.